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Monday, October 1, 2012

Rs. 240 Crore deal for Rajinikanth for his next Tamil film !!

The Ex-CEO of Sun TV and Sun pictures, Hansraj Saxena, popularly known as “Sax”, is planning to make a movie under his own banner with India’s biggest Super Star Rajinikanth. He has offered Rs. 240 crores to Rajinikanth as a remuneration amount and asked for a 30 days package for his Tamil film. Now, this means Rs. 8 crores per day!! If the deal goes through, Rajinikanth will be set in the league of A-list Hollywood actors, keeping B-Town stars like Salman Khan, Shahrukh Khan and Aamir Khan far behind.

Reportedly Rajinikanth is taking time to think about this project. This film will also feature Telugu Cinema’s young star Ram Charan Teja. Having Ram Charan will reduce the risk involved in marketing and will also help to recover the cost of such a mammoth film.

It has to be recalled that Rajini’s Enthiran was made of Rs 130 crores in which he got approx. Rs. 35-40 crores as a salary and it did very very good business worldwide. Sax was supposed to be the brain behind Enthiran's business. If things work lucky, Hansraj said that the makers are confident to do roaring business that would exceed Enthiran’s figures.

Though no official confirmation is available at this moment on this project, sources say the same is under discussion between both the parties. But, no doubt, only a superstar like Rajinikanth can command such a huge amount and still have a queue of producers outside his home. :)

1. Bollywood superstar Salman Khan charges approx. Rs. 20 cr. per movie.
2. Leonardo DiCaprio was paid $59 million for “Inception” = 324.5 cr. Approx.
3. Johnny Depp was paid $40 million for “Alice in Wonderland” = 220 cr. Approx.
4. Will Smith was paid $20 million for “Men in Black III” = 110 cr. Approx.
5. Vin Diesel was paid $15 million for “Fast Five” = 82.5 cr. Approx.
6. Robert Downey Jr. was paid $12 million for “Iron Man 2” = 66 cr. Approx.
7. Nicolas Cage was paid $7.5 million for “Ghost Rider 2” = 41.25 cr. Approx.
8. Daniel Craig was paid $6 million for “Cowboys & Aliens” = 33 cr. Approx.

Source for Hollywood star's remuneration figures:

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