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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Pelican Bay (Book Review)

Pelican Bay Review by Wanda (GR)

Pages - 209
Year - 2013, Publisher - Imajin Books

"Pelican Bay begins in 1931, the year of the great depression, and the drowning of a young boy, Aspen Langsley. It then jumps to present day and the lives of Ethan Hodges and Morgan Olinsworth. Ethan loved the sea and at a very young age he met Captain Shelby, a fisherman whose ship was always docked off the edge of the bay. Captain Shelby was a man of some age. Just how old he was no one knew but, regardless, he was a friend to Ethan. Ethan’s first surf board was made by Captain Shelby when he was just twelve years old. As Ethan grew so did his love for the sea and for Morgan. Ethan was a writer and Morgan was a librarian with a strong love of books and research. They had been friends since they were kids and Ethan loved Morgan fiercely. Getting Morgan to admit any feelings for Ethan was virtually impossible but he never gave up hope.

Then, one day, strange things started happening and after three mysterious deaths, including the death of Aspen Langsley in 1931, everyone began to suspect Captain Shelby. While Ethan loved Captain Shelby he also knew there was something strange about him. With Morgan researching Captain Shelby and rumors about him flying around Pelican Bay, Ethan isn’t sure what to believe. Should he trust his fisherman friend or be wary of him? Is Captain Shelby nothing but an old fisherman that loves the sea or is he a mysterious figured that is literally a part of the sea? Join Ethan and Morgan on their perilous journey as they work to solve the puzzle that IS Captain Shelby.

I had such mixed feelings about this book. I really enjoyed the story from beginning to end and I kept finding myself wanting to know what would happen next. I did find it a little overly descriptive. Things were described with such fervor that I found it slowed my reading because I was trying to process the details, but, I DO think readers of mystery and/or fantasy will enjoy the plot. It is a book that I think would be more accepted by a young adult audience but, at the same time, I can’t in good conscience recommend it to young adults because it does contain strong language in a few places and I think the buyer needs to be aware of this in case they are purchasing the book for younger kids. Overall it was an enjoyable read.

Rating - 4/5

**A copy of this book was provided for free by the author for my honest opinion**"

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