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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

The Nano Experiment (Wid Bastian, Ivan Castillo)

Pages - 206
Authors - Wid Bastian, Ivan Castillo
Published - January 2015
ISBN - 9781506021980
Genre - Science Fiction

In the twenty second century, total war is destroying the planet. In a desperate effort to defeat the enemy, the Western Alliance develops nano technology, tiny machines that are implanted into human beings to enhance their physiology. A few super soldiers are created from this nano technology, but the West has also unwittingly unleashed hell. Earth is ravaged by hideous abominations spawned from a global nano plague.
Decades later there is little of humanity left, except in small outposts in the Arctic. A very special boy is born in one of these Alaskan colonies. Perhaps he is the one humanity has been waiting for, the warrior who can destroy the nano monsters and save the last vestiges of the human race.

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