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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Indy Pro Wrestling Vet Rant

"I'll have an easier time teaching a good talker / actor how to be a passable wrestler, than I would teaching a good wrestler to be a passable promo guy / actor. Everyone knows how to talk, so if your stuttering and stammering and have no confidence in your voice people are going to call bullshit real fast, and then disconnect emotionally from you. Not every wrestling fan knows quality wrestling... Infact Id say 80-90% have no clue what a TRUELY great match is. But if you suck them in with your gimmick, live your moments, they won't focus on the wrestling they will focus on the emotional struggle your character is going through.
Point is, we are in the era of entertainment ... Give an equal Focus on character speaking skills and confidence at your wrestling schools this week ... Too often you kids get sucked into a routine of bumps, basic chain, and blow up drills ... And while that's all essential, remember ... This is entertainment, and when is the last time you drilled promos and skits... When is the last time you drilled how to get your specifics characters emotion across in the ring ...
Wrestling isn't just for meat heads, some of the most successful people I know in this business are truly brilliant actors as well...For the advanced wrestling student ... These acting skills quickly come in handy when it comes to dealing with all of the backstage drama and politics ... Learn to control your emotions, and manipulate others and do what's best for your, and the company's best interest ... (With this being said this is not a pass to work the boys or be a snake cancer, it's meant as a problem solving and conflict resolution statement)"

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