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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

New Medal Tally Method - Mohitness

After every multisport International event like Olympics, Commonwealth Games, Asian Games etc I find the final medal tally listing a bit weird. Often, a nation winning many medals ranks below than nations with fewer medals. The reason being only Gold Medals are considered for overall ranking. So, if a nation wins 2 Gold medals and a other nation wins 15 Silver or Bronze medals, first nation is ranked better. Now, logic here is Gold is GOLD!! (Gold > Silver > Bronze)

My problem is in such international events the difference between a Gold and Silver (and Bronze) is few milliseconds, half point etc. Therefore, making 1 Gold medal better than infinite Silver/Bronze medals or 1 Silver medal better than infinite Bronze medals is just not done!

There should be comparable chart for better overall performance based standings. Here’s a suggestion – 1 >> 2  >> 3 ratio scheme. (1 Gold = 2 Silvers = 3 Bronzes), which means a Silver Medal equals 1.50 Bronze Medals. If there is a tie we can give preference to better medal.
Imagine in an event a Japan wins 3 Golds, Fiji Wins 12 Bronzes, Turkmenistan wins 7 Silvers. 

Traditionally, the tally stands –
1.      Japan, 2. Turkmenistan, 3. Fiji

By adopting new approach tally changes -  
1.      Fiji, 2. Turkmenistan, 3. Japan
       (4 >> 3.33 >> 3)          

- Mohit Trendster

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