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Thursday, January 1, 2015

METRO 2033 Novel Review (Ajay_D)

Ajay Dhillon - METRO 2033 (NOVEL) Review #421brandbeedifed#freelancetalents #Ajay_D

"This is one of the best story I've ever read in any format (comics/movies/books). Potent psychological horror, suspense and adventure mixed together to form an intoxicating blend. There is no filler in this book; each chapter gives you something new and exciting to read about. The suspense is through the roof and you want to know what happens with each passing sentence....something so rare in 500 page novels. Amazing story that takes place in a new and unique setting.

Might be little expensive for some, but the price of admission is worth it - trust me.
Synopsis: In late 2013, a nuclear war occurred. Russia was targeted with atomic bombs, causing severe radiation across Moscow. This forced the few 1000 survivors to live underground in the metro stations away from the deadly effects of radiation. Moscow has one of the largest Metro systems in the world and it becomes mankind's last refuge in this story. In addition to extreme radiation, many animals were heavily mutated into aggressive beasts, which make travel on the surface dangerous. People have formed communities in many of the stations, but there are lots of stations which remain unexplored and littered with dangers like radiation, paranormal activity, cannibals, and mutants. 

The story is about a young man in the year 2033, who has to travel in the tunnels of Metro, go from station to station, to reach the military establishment inside the Metro in hopes of eliminating a new and unknown threat (some call them the dark ones - a mutated version of man with paranormal powers) that has terrorised his home station. Considering the dangers (both humans, ghosts, and mutants), his journey won't be easy. Amazing book, from start to finish. Must read."

421 Brand Beedi Rating - A+ (Above 90%)

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